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Voices from the Doximity Network

Why publish on Op-Med

With over two million members, Doximity can help you reach your peers directly. Op-Med provides clinician authors like you a place to share thoughts, opinions, and knowledge with the largest medical community in the United States. Articles submitted to Op-Med have the potential to be featured in Doximity’s weekly emails and be viewed by hundreds of thousands of members.

Share your knowledge and opinions

From clinician wellness, to novel treatments, to preparing for retirement – we know you have important convictions that could positively impact the clinical practice as well as personal lives of your peers.

Reach a large audience

Reach over two million members who will view your content in the email digests or on the newsfeed.

Get published quickly

Our team works hard to ensure that your work is published soon after submission, so that you can start sharing it with your network right away.

Testimonials from published authors

Writing for Op-Med is like going on a exciting expedition to an island of ideas. It’s filled with delicate surprises and pulsating moments of deep insights as I explore old and new concepts, while engaging with a rapidly-expanding network of talented peers on a trusted platform. I thrive on self-reflection, and writing for Op-Med sends me into a world of ideas. In short, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Charles Odonkor, MD'Charles Odonkor'

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Writing for Op-Med lets me reach an audience of other doctors compared to other platforms which are more generalist in readership. It also lets me get my opinion out quickly whereas print journals can have a months-long lag time to even review your submissions.

Heather Finlay-Morreale, MD


Contribute to Op-Med

To get your writing published on Doximity’s Op-Med, please send your article to

Include your work as an attachment and it will be reviewed promptly by our editorial team. You will be notified of its publication. We encourage writing and content of all kinds. To be accepted to Op-Med, essay submissions must be shorter than 1,000 words, and authors must provide their Doximity profile.

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